freedom's wings
la vie est drôle
“despair is contagious
but so is hope
for who can fall when
hope is on their side?"
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Mei Terumi [ for anonymous ] ♥

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this is the scariest and strongest man in ikebukuro everyone.

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Anime blog: *text post making fun of anime*

no one hates anime as much as the people who watch anime

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I spent entirely too much time on this

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So, I reached 9k followers and, for me, that’s something WOW! Thank you so much, old and new followers!! nothing but “thank you” comes to my mind so… I’ll share some of my fave blogs with you. 

This is a mix between awesome blogs and awesome people, so you HAVE to follow them, there’s no option… I mean, they are pure omegaperfection 

(pink/bolded: either tumblr friends or one sided loves)

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I apologize for  the extremely long post. (and sorry, if I forgot someone!!!!!!!!!!)

I love each and every single one of you!

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I was such a fool”

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Oh, my friend, you’re holding out your hand
I take it like an oar from the depth
Hey, Lifesaver, I’m drowning in despair
But you’re fighting for me right until the end.
You pull me back to land and save me once again

↪ Requested by Syl

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There’s bound to be a mishap when you do the same thing 23 times in a row. Since this is so embarrassing, can we cut to commercial?

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That’s an important piece of information.

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Character: Shino Asada  (○ゝ∀・○)

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